Research Activities

Industrial Research and Development

Various geotechnical consultancies including Geotechnical investigations, failure case studies, slope stability analyses, foundation design, ground improvement techniques, Design of reinforced earth structures, earth and earth retaining structures, design of shallow and deep foundations for many major bridges and other structures, dynamic stability of the backfills, dynamic testing and analysis of foundations for many important structures, shear wave velocity profiling, design of earth dams and tailing ponds, soil nailing, rock slope stability using grouted nails, etc. have been handled.

As a Geotechnical consultant, advised and acted as consultant covering a wide range of civil and geotechnical structures.

  • Geotechnical Consultant: Slope stability and foundation design for one of the world's highest bridges (owner: Northern Railway, Govt of India, Implementing agency: Konkan Railway Corporation Limited, Govt of India) in Jammu and Kashmir for M/S AFCONS (Chenab Bridge) and GAMMONS (Anji Khad Bridge).
  • Earth dam designs for both raw water ponds and tailing ponds (both for red mud and ash) for many agencies which involves review of geotechnical reports, design of dykes including complete technical specifications and providing tender drawings, etc., Interacted with engineers of NALCO @Angul and Damanjodi, OPGC, KPCL, Hindustan Zinc Limited @Rampur Agucha mines (mine tailings), Vedanta Alumina Limited @Lanjigarh (Red mud and fly ash), Hindustan Zinc Limited @ Rajpur Dariba Mines (mine tailings), Hindustan Copper Ltd(mine tailings), JSW (raw water reservoir), ESSAR, etc.
  • Dynamic testing and analysis of foundations for Human Centrifuge at Indian Aerospace medicine at Bangalore, 3 axis motion similar at ADE, Bangalore, Moon Tracking 32m and 18m dia antenna foundations for ISTRAC and ISRO (Dept of Space), 32m dia antenna at Nazafgarh, New Delhi. Dynamic stability of compacted sand fill in the Nuclear Island, PFBR project for IGCAR, Kalpakkam, India: Carried out detailed analysis of liquefaction studies both using laboratory tests and field tests and recommended measures for mitigating liquefaction and dynamic response of foundations of retaining walls, RE walls, tunnels and trenches on the sandy backfill. Presented the findings to Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB), Mumbai; BHAVINI, and IGCAR Engineers, Kalpakkam.
  • Irrigation works: Krishna Bhagya JalaNigam Limited (Karnataka Govt.): Investigations on the stability issues and failures of canal slopes of NLBC in UKP
  • National Aluminium Company (NALCO), Damanjodi and Angul: Failure investigations of ash dyke, Inspection and monitoring of ash pond and red mud pond dykes, safety issues in dam maintenance, and design of further raising of earthen and ash bunds. Works include site inspections during construction, quality control issues, etc. Several failures of ash dykes were investigated and remedial measures were also suggested.
  • For NMDC major works involving soil-nailing techniques, reinforced earth walls and slope stability analysis for structures of Bailadilla iron ore deposits Nos 10, 11, and the new one 11B. Instead of conventional concrete structure it was suggested to go for soil nailed / reinforced earth retaining walls.
  • For MECON major work involved is in the ground improvement technique for storage of iron ore heaps on soft marine deposits which extends upto 15 meters using geocells and also designed several pile foundations for structures.
  • For RITES, Vetting the design of highest reinforced earth railway embankment in Jammu & Kashmir, 70m tall. Vetting of reinforced earth structures for many agencies such Ms/ Venktapathy Raju constructions, AFCONS Infrastructure, Feedback ventures, etc. Vetting of Arch span bridges for Reinforced Earth company, ATES- Soil reinforcement division, etc.

Some (selected) Consultancy Projects

Title Funding Agency
Slope stability analyses of the abutments for the special bridge across river Anji Khad for Udhamapur-Srinagara-Baramaulla Rail Link. Gammon India Ltd.
Detailed geotechnical design work for the construction of bridge no. 44 across Chenab River in Kashmir including slope stability analysis of rock mass. AFCONS Infrastructure Ltd.
Measurement of dynamic properties of soils using MASW for Human Centrifuge project at IASM. Civil Aid Techno Clinic.
Geotechnical Investigations studies at Chandrayana Project and CS-SCC complex. Department of Space / ISRO.
Geotechnical investigation studies for KIOCL bulk handling system at Mangalore. M/S KIOCL MECON.
Restoration measures for ash pond dykes at RTPS, Raichur. M/S KPCL.
Dynamic stability of backfill at Nuclear Island, IGCAR, Kalpakkam. IGCAR.
Examination and suggestions for remedial measures for ash ponds of Orissa Power Grid Corporation (OPGC) at Orissa OPGC.
Assessment of quality control of cinder track at Bijapur stadium. MECON.
Soil investigation for multistoried buildings at ISRO. ISRO.
Conducting entrance test for selection of Assistant Engineers. BWSSB.
Soil investigation for Amadalli area for project Seabird, Karwar MECON.
Expansion of Red Mud Ponds of NALCO, Damanjodi. NALCO
Expansion of Ash Dykes of NALCO, Damanjodi. NALCO
Testing and Evaluation of Construction Materials for Madei Hydro electric projects NHPC.
Design of Subsurface Dyke Wall Across River Banasa, Rajastan. Hindustan Zinc Ltd.
Raising of height of Tailing dam at Rampura Agucha mine. Hindustan Zinc Ltd.
Ground Improvement at filter cake stock pile area at Vishakapatnam. MECON.
Redmud tailings dam for Sterlite Langigarh Alumina Plant, Orissa. Vedanta Alumina Ltd.
Design of Soil Nailed Walls, Reinforced Earth Walls and Slope Stability Works for the Structures for Deposit No 11 B, Bacheli. NMDC.
Rehabilitations of failed slopes near the dumper platform. NMDC.
Detailed engineering and Design of Raw water pond at Bellary Thermal Power Station. KPCL.
Suggestions for restoration of check dam at Jhulaguda reservoir, Damanjodi. NALCO.
Derivation of Yield function constant and modeling the compaction of Hard metal (tungsten Carbide Powders). M/S ProSIM, Bangalore.
Technical report on geotechnical investigation studies for the construction of new building under TEQIP at SIT, Tumkur. SIT, Tumkur.
Proof Checking of Techspan Arch Bridge, NICE corridor, Bangalore. M/S AIMIL.
Reinforced earth wall/ nailed wall for protection works for retaining the FGLs of ODY. M/S KPTCL
Big box shear tests on soil samples from dumped earth at BTPS Plant, Kudithini, Bellary. M/S KPCL.
Geotechnical Investigation proof checking for the proposed Church Building at Chandra Layout, Bangalore. The St. Stephens Orthodoc Church.
NALCO Angul's ash pond Inspection and restoration measures. NALCO.
HPCL-MDPL terminal project review of foundation system and soil reports (six locations). MECON, Bangalore.
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