Students Guidance

Ph.D. (at IISc - List is enclosed in Annexure I)
Awarded 26
Submitted 1
Under Process 4
M.Sc (Engg.) Research Degree
Awarded 4
Under Process 2
Awarded 25
Under Process 25

Professional fellows who worked with Dr. Sitharam - 25.

Ph.D. Thesis Awarded

  • Naveen BP (2016) "Assessment of Leachate Characteristics and Geotechnical Properties of Municipal Solid Waste Landfill",(Awarded)-Jointly with Prof. P.V.Sivapullaiah
  • Devaraj H., (2016) “Socio-economic impact analyses of improvement of roads in around Bangalore",(Awarded)- Jointly with Prof. Parthasarathy Ramachandran.
  • Resmi Sebastian (2015), "Low strain dynamic properties of jointed rock mass".
  • Raviraj H. Mulangi (2015) “Performance evaluation of public bus transport operations in Karnataka by using non-parametric and multivariate analysis”. Status : Degree will be awarded in September 2015 Council.
  • Amarnath Hegde (2015), "Ground improvement using 3D cellular confinement systems: Experimental and numerical studies".
  • Naveen James (2014), "Site characterization and assessment of various earthquake hazards for micro andmacro-level seismic zonations of regions in the peninsular India".
  • Arjun Sil (2014), "Seismic Hazard Assessment of Tripura and Mizoram States along with microzonation of Agartala and Aizawl cities”.
  • Partho Choudhury (2013), "Intelligent models for prediction of blast induced ground vibration parameters based on explosive and geotechnical characteristics".
  • S D AnithaKumari (2013), "Effect of Particle shape on the mechanical behaviour of granular media: Discrete Element Simulations".
  • SreevalsaKolathayar (2013), "Comprehensive Seismic Hazard Analysis of India".
  • Abhishek Kumar (2013), "Seismic microzonation of lucknow based on region specific GMPE’s and geotechnical field studies".
  • M Raji (2013), "Endochronic Constitutive Model for sands and its application to geotechnical problems".
  • More Ramulu (2010), “Behaviour of subsurface structures in jointed rock mass subjected to repeated loading”.
  • K.S. Vipin (2010), “Assessment of seismic hazard with local site effects: Deterministic and probabilistic approaches”.
  • Dash, Hemanta Kumar (2008). “Undrained Cyclic and Monotonic Response of Sand-silt Mixtures”.
  • PijushSamui (2007), "Geotechnical Site Characterization and Liquefaction evaluation using Intelligent models".
  • MaajiVidyaBhushan (2007), "Strength and Deformation Behaviour of Jointed rocks: An Equivalent continuum model".
  • Anbazhagan, P. (2007). "Site characterization and Seismic hazard Analysis with local site effects for Microzonation of Bangalore".
  • Ravishankar, B.,V., (2006), "Cyclic and monotonic undrainedbehaviour of Sandy soils".
  • Vinod.J.S. (2006), "Liquefaction and dynamic properties of granular materials: A Discrete element approach".
  • Sireesh S. (2006), "Behaviour of Geocell Reinforced Foundation Beds".
  • Govindaraju, .L (2005), "Liquefaction and Dynamic Properties of Sandy Soils".
  • Dinesh, S.V. (2003), "Discrete element simulation of static and cyclic behaviour of granular materials".
  • Sridevi, B., (2000), "Numerical modeling of jointed rock mass".
  • K. Nagendra Prasad (1997), "Constitutive modeling of soft cemented soils".
  • H.B. Raghavendra (1997), "Some studies on the analysis of reinforced soil beds".

Ph.D. Thesis Submitted

  • RathodDeenDayal, “Behaviour of Laterally loaded piles" (Thesis writing in progress).

Ph.D. Thesis Ongoing

  • Sameed Kumar Patil, "A Laboratory Study on Liquefaction and PostLiquefaction Behavior of Soils from Indo-Gangetic Basin" (Thesis writing in progress).
  • Bala Reddy Muthanna, “Liquefaction behavior of clayey soils" (Thesis writing in progress).
  • Vivek P, "A comprehensive study of shock wave induced effects in geomaterials" (Joined in 2012).
  • Monalisa Naik, "Seismic hazard analyses for civil infrastructure projects" (Joined in 2014).
  • Vaishali Wayal (Joined in 2016)
  • Chavan Dhanaji Sukhadeo (Joined in 2016)
  • Ramkrishna (Joined in 2016)

MSc.(Engg.) Thesis Awarded

  • Susan Kurien (1999), "Shear Strength and Volume Change Characteristics of Granular Materials and Aggregate Mixtures".
  • P.V. Nagaraja Rao (1998), "Discrete element simulation of liquefaction behavior of sands", (Co-guide).
  • Mandar S. Nimbkar (1996), "Constitutive behavior of coarse grained granular media - A discrete element approach".
  • Naveen B.P (2012) “Evaluation of Geotechnical Properties in Municipal Solid Waste and Stabilization of Waste Dumps", (Co-guide).

MSc.(Engg.) Thesis Ongoing


M.E. Thesis Awarded

  • Shailesh Pradhan (2006) Mechanical Behaviour of Ballast using model tests.
  • Ms. Divya (2006) Site response studies for Bangalore region.
  • Herojit Singh T (2005) Behaviour of Geocell reinforced sand beds under static and cyclic loading.
  • Shailendra Kumar (2003) Intelligent Prediction of jointed rock mass using Artificial Neural Network.
  • Venkata Reddy (2000) Soil structure interaction analysis of cantilever sheet pile walls B. Madhusudan Rao (1999), Development of 3-dimensional coupled finite and mapped.
  • R.V. Srinivas (1999), Application of fast Lagrangian analysis of continua (FLAC) program for geotechnical engineering problems.
  • Yamini C. Reddy, (1998), Role of contact friction on mechanical behavior of granular materials- using discrete element modeling.
  • I.V. Vijaya Kumar, (1998), Non-linear analysis of geomechanical problems using coupled finite and infinite elements.
  • V. Mallikarjuna Rao, (1997), Implementation of infinite and interface elements in FEM and its use in geotechnical engineering.
  • P. Sucharitha, (1997), Numerical simulation of granular media under monotonic and cyclic loading - A discrete element approach.
  • Ramjee Kalyan, Liquefaction behavior of Soils.
  • Ms. Ash Latha, ITS for Mysore, M.Tech Thesis.
  • Ms. Bhagyalakshmi, M.Tech Thesis.
  • Mr. Lakshamana, M.Tech Thesis.
  • Mr. Sathisha, M. Tech Thesis.
  • Tatsuya Abe, (2002) Discrete element modeling of underground openings, Yamaguchi University, Japan (B,S, Thesis Jointly with Prof. N. Shimizu).

M.E. Thesis Ongoing

  • Janaki.K
  • Febin Fazal

M.Tech (Research) Ongoing

  • Akash Gupta

Post Doctoral Fellows and Research Asssociates

  • Dr. Gali Madhavi Latha.
  • Dr. Sujit Kumar Dash.
  • Dr. Sireesh Saride.
  • Dr. J.S. Vinod.
  • Dr. G. Srilakshmi.
  • Dr. S.S.Rajashri.
  • Dr. S. Karibasappa.
  • Bharati (M.Tech).
  • Anitha Vipin (M.S).
  • J. Narendra Kumar (GIS Specialist).
  • Mahesh G. Upadya.
  • Resmi Sebastian
  • Vaishali Wayal
  • Venkatesh Deshpande
  • Devaraj H
  • Amarnath Hegde
  • SreevalsaKolathayar
  • Naveen BP
  • Naveen James
  • More than 15 BTech students.

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