Center for Infrastructure, Sustainable Transportation and Urban Planning

  • Founder of CiSTUP - January 2009

    Developed a vibrating centre with many activities covering research, teaching and training, PDP programmes, interaction with the state Govt and many non-Governmental activities, faculty selection, research programme funding, etc.

    100 people were involved including 32 associate faculty from different disciplines. Handled 30 crore corpus with Rs 4 crore budget per year. Responsible for starting an M Tech programme and Ph.D. Programme at CiSTUP. Made an attempt to create United Nations University (UNU) centre in the area of cities and environment at CiSTUP.

  • Chairman of CiSTUP - January 2009 to March 2014
  • Member of Executive council (EC) of CiSTUP - March 2014 to Present
  • Member of Research and Advisory Committee (RAAC) of CiSTUP - March 2014 to Present
  • Associate Faculty at CiSTUP - March 2014 to Present


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