Other relevant information

  • Involved in developing state of the art 'Internet Classroom' for the Internet school which is part of NISSAT project funded by DSIR. The facility is at Library Annex Building at Indian Institute of Science and it was carried out along with another faculty in DISC.
  • As a coordinator, Curriculum development Cell (CDC), CCE, IISc was instrumental in writing a proposal which was funded by MHRD on development of multimedia lab for preparation of web based course materials at CCE.
  • Member, Expert team to conduct workshops on 'Need analysis for short term training program for 1995-96 by QIP centers in Civil Engineering', Initiated and moderated technical discussion with teachers of engineering colleges at three places for South-west region (Karnataka and Kerala state engineering colleges) in the area of Civil Engineering. During December-January, 1996.

Glimpses of Administrative Career Achievements