Awards and Honors

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  • Listed in World Ranking of top 2% Indian scientist in Geological & Geomatics Engineering .
  • Indian Geotechnical Society - Honorary Fellowship
  • GS-Kueckelmann Award 2015 with a cash prize of Rs.35,000 for "Outstanding Cumulative Contribution in Geotechnical Engineering" from Indian Geotechnical Society, October 2015. The prestigious Indian Geotechnical Society – Kueckelmann award is presented once in two years to an eminent geotechnical engineer who has made a significant contribution to the profession in India. So far 18 eminent Geotechnical Engineers have thus been honored.
  • Amulya and Vimala Reddy Lecture award in the field of sustainable development 2014 from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore for research work on Sustainability with a cash prize of Rs 20,000/-.
  • Prof. Gopal Ranjan Research Award 2014 awarded from IIT Roorkee for the exceptional contributions to geotechnical engineering with a cash prize of Rs 1,00,000/-
  • William Mong Research Fellow, University of Hongkong, HONGKONG 2011
  • Sir C.V. Raman State Award for Young Scientists, Govt of Karnataka, for the year 2002 in recognition and appreciation of exceptional contributions to Engineering Sciences in Karnataka (awarded in October 2004).
  • Recipient of 1998 S. P. Research Award, Shamsher Prakash Foundation, USA for excellence in Geotechnical Engineering among candidates from SAARC countries.
  • Member of Committee on Soil mechanics and Geotechnical engineering codes, Bureau Of Indian Standards, The National Standards body of India.
  • IGS – YGE Best Paper Biennial Award – 2014 along with Mr. Amaranth Hegde awarded by Indian Geotechnical Society at IGC 2014 Dec 2014 at Kakinada.
  • ISRMTT Best paper award 2007- Sitharam and Maji (2007) “Modeling of Jointed rock mass using Equivalent continuum concept”
  • ISRMTT Best paper award 2009 –M. Ramulu, T.G. Sitharam – “Effect of repeated blast vibrations on rock mass damage at a penstock tunnel of hydroelectric power project- A case study”
  • IGS-Z-Tech Biennial prize for the best paper on “Geosynthetics and Allied Construction Products”- 2003 (awarded in 2004).
  • IGS-Prof.C.S.Desai Biennial award -2000 (awarded in Dec, 2000) for best paper on Constitutive modelling for geologic materials, IGJ paper on "Hyperbolic stress-strain and pore pressure response of sensitive clays, IGJ, Vol 29, No3, pp 221-241"
  • Best paper award – Under category CAD/Software packages for the paper by Sridevi, J., T.G. Sitharam, and H.M. Chandrashekhar, on Simulation of Rock mass behaviour using finite element method, paper appeared in Journal of Rock Mechanics and Tunneling technology, 2000. (Awarded in 2002) by Indian Society for Rock Mechanics and Tunneling Technology.
  • Best paper award – Under category Rock Testing and Monitoring of rock structures (late shri. Shanta Giridhara Lal-AIMIL award) for the paper by T.G. Sitharam, and G. Madhavi Latha, on Prediction of stress-strain behaviour of intact and jointed rocks in triaxial compression, appeared in Journal of rock mechanics and Tunneling technology, 2002. (Awarded in 2002) by Indian Society for Rock Mechanics and Tunneling Technology.
  • Certificate of Merit for the best paper presented at International R & D conference, Water and Energy - 2001, held at New Delhi, October 1995.
  • Best Citizens of India Award, Best Citizens of India, New Delhi, April 2006.
  • Marquis Who’s who, Who’s who in Science and Engineering, Sept 2006, 9th Edition.
  • Man of the year 2003, American Biographical Institute, Inc. (ABI) for the overall accomplishments and contributions.
  • Indian Institute of Science Research fellowship 1984-1986.
  • Govt. Scholarship, Govt. of Karnataka, 1978-1983.
  • National merit scholarship, 1973 -76

Other honors and recognitions

  • Amulya and Vimala Reddy Lecture on “Sustainable Development Issues and Directions in Urban Science and Engineering: Recent Studies” in the field of sustainable development, June 9th, 2015.
  • Late Er. T. Narayana Reddy’s 8th Annual Memorial Lecturer –November 2006 Organized by Institution of Engineers and S V University, Tirupati.
  • Professor B.K. Ramiah Memorial Lecturer (15th in the series), Karnataka Geotechnical Center, Bangalore, March 2007.

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