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AICTE Chairman addressed at 23rd convocation ceremony of the Indian Naval Academy (INA)

Warm greetings to all the Naval officers, the graduating Midshipmen of the Indian Naval Academy and all the ladies and gentlemen present here.

Thank you for the warmest welcome at the convocation ceremony for the 106th Indian Naval Academy Course (INAC) Spring Term 2024. It is an honor and a privilege to stand before you on this momentous occasion as we celebrate the remarkable achievements of our cadets.

The morning of 24 May 2024 is indeed historic for 103 officer’s trainees of INAC as they will be conferred with BTech degree today. This grand ceremony marks the culmination of a strenuous four-year training regimen, wherein AICTE accredited BTech degree program is run simultaneously with a demanding curriculum of Navy specific subjects and a rigorous outdoor and physical training curriculum.

This day justifies the culmination of years of hard work, dedication, and perseverance to achieve your goals and dreams of becoming Naval Officers. To the graduating cadets, you have demonstrated outstanding commitment and resilience, qualities that are essential for the brave men of the Indian Navy. You have been rigorously trained, tested, and prepared to face the challenges that lie ahead. Today, you stand ready to embark on a noble journey of service to our great nation.

As we celebrate this occasion, we must not forget the tremendous efforts of the faculty and staff, who have swamped to ensure that you receive the best training and education possible. Their commitment and dedication to the academy are a testament to their unwavering belief in your potential and your dreams.

The Indian Naval Academy has a rich tradition of excellence, and this Spring Term has been no exception. Our cadets have excelled not only in academics but also in physical training, leadership development, and character building. You have shown the ability to lead with integrity, to act decisively under pressure, and to work tirelessly in the pursuit of excellence. Indian Naval Academy is a unique institution, unparalleled in its reputation for producing the finest Naval officers for the nation. With its outstanding infrastructure, world-class facilities and highly qualified faculty, the academy stands as an attestation to our country’s commitment to excellence in education and military training.

The academy’s paramount mission is to develop the trainees morally, mentally and physically, to imbibe in them the high ideals of loyalty, valour and patriotism, and to create naval leaders who can serve our country with distinction. I commend the professionalism and excellence of the academy for its accomplishments and success.

Engineering, in all its forms, is the backbone of innovation and progress. Considering the same, the four year BTech curriculum at the academy is designed to equip you with a strong foundation of fundamental theoretical knowledge of academic subjects and Navy-specific matters. As graduates of the Naval Academy, you are now equipped with the technical expertise and critical thinking skills that are vital for the advancement of our Navy and our nation. You are the architects of future technologies, the problem solvers of tomorrow’s challenges, and the leaders who will steer our naval operations to new heights.

I would like to highlight the dynamic vision and transformative role of AICTE in shaping the landscape of technical education in India. At AICTE, our main focus is on:
  • Enhancing the quality of technical education across the country. This involves not only maintaining high standards in existing institutions but also fostering a culture of continuous improvement through accreditation, faculty development programs, and regular monitoring mechanisms.
  • Promoting a culture of innovation, start-ups and entrepreneurship within technical institutions. This includes encouraging research and development activities, fostering collaboration between academia and industry, and providing support for entrepreneurial ventures among students and faculty.
  • Establishing Industry-Academia Collaboration to ensure that technical education remains relevant and responsive to the needs of the industry. This involves facilitating internships, industry visits, guest lectures, and joint research projects to bridge the gap between theory and practice.
  • Promotion of Emerging Technologies: With rapid advancements in technology shaping the future of various industries, AICTE advocates for the promotion of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, block chain, and internet of things in technical education curriculum. This ensures that students are equipped with the latest skills and knowledge required to thrive in the digital age.
  • AICTE is committed to promote inclusivity and diversity in technical education, ensuring equal opportunities for all students regardless of their background or socio-economic status. This involves implementing policies and initiatives to encourage greater participation of women, rural students, and marginalized communities in technical fields.
  • AICTE is taking measures to strengthen international collaborations and partnerships, facilitating student exchange programs, joint research initiatives, and academic collaborations with reputed institutions abroad to promote cross-cultural learning and knowledge sharing.

Considering the evolving job market, AICTE is even taking numerous initiatives to inculcate the start up and entrepreneurial skills among students. I would like to mention a few of the latest initiatives we have taken to promote the start up ecosystem among students.
  • For the first time, AICTE inaugurated Innovation, Design and Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for school going students, teachers and principals. More than 4000 participants are taking part in this bootcamp at 18 different locations of 14 states. We have targeted both participants from both PM SHRI schools and other schools. 232 participants from Jammu & Kashmir and 152 participants from Assam have taken part in this event. The main aim of this initiative is to nurture innovative skills, develop the design thinking approach and explore the business model in schools.
  • We have successfully conducted three phases of IDE bootcamp for Higher Education Institutions. During the five-day bootcamps, we trained participants in product design, ergonomics design thinking and pitching skills to thrive in today's dynamic business landscape. The purpose of organizing these IDE Boot Camp is to focus on hands-on, experiential learning and give an opportunity to delve into various product design methodologies, foster design thinking concepts, and gain invaluable experience.
  • AICTE in partnership with National Critical Information Infrastructure Protection Centre (NCIIPC) organised the grand finale of NCIIPC-AICTE Pentathon 2024, – the country’s first national Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT). In the 48 hours nonstop contest, participants from various technical colleges and universities across India engaged in real-world cybersecurity challenges, simulating the complexities of protecting critical information infrastructure entities.
  • In Feb 2024, we inaugurated one of our ATAL Academy and Indovation Centre in Jaipur, Rajasthan. 11 such centers are in pipeline for inauguration. With state-of-the-art facilities, cutting-edge technologies, and a dynamic curriculum, the AICTE Training and Learning Bureau Academy aims to empower educators, administrators, and stakeholders with the tools, knowledge, and expertise needed to navigate the complexities of the 21st-century learning environment. The inception of the Indovation Centre underscores our commitment to fostering a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship among students and faculty alike. This center will serve as a hub for ideation, collaboration, and experimentation, where ideas will be transformed into tangible solutions that address real-world challenges and drive socio-economic progress.
  • The MoE - AICTE Investor Network is a ground-breaking initiative jointly established by AICTE and the Ministry of Education’s Innovation Cell (MIC) with a vision to foster innovation and entrepreneurship in the education sector. The network aims to provide crucial financial support, mentoring, and strategic guidance to early-stage student or faculty-led startups.

With respect to Artificial Intelligence, AICTE is at forefront: .

  • To skill and upskill our faculties, we partnered with the Jio Institute for a Faculty Development Programme on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Science (DS).
  • We started minor degree courses in emerging technologies like AI, IoT, blockchain etc.
  • Moreover, we joined hands with big international companies like Meta, Cisco, Salesforce, IBM, Adobe, Amazon etc to skill our youth with the emerging technologies and provide them a platform of job and internship opportunities.
  • Recently we joined hands with Apna.co to launch ‘AICTE Career Portal’, which tailor for aspiring job seekers and create AI-based resume, real-time notifications for new opportunities. The portal will also introduce AI-aided interview preparation for job seekers.
  • Also, our artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI-ML) Indian language translation tool – Anuvadini is outstanding. It is an in-house language translation tool that is being used to translate books, texts, audio and even video in 14 different regional languages. As a deep learning tool based on disruptive technology, it provides real-time translation of even the lengthiest books along with formatting – an exact replica of the source but in a different language.

So, one can say that the integration of “AI in Education” is not just a technological shift, it’s a revolutionary change that offers a wide range of benefits. Overall, the future of Indian education in the context of AI presents exciting opportunities for innovation, personalized learning, and improved educational outcomes. However, it also poses challenges related to equity, ethics, and workforce readiness that need to be addressed proactively by stakeholders in the education ecosystem. Coming back to your important day of getting your Btech degrees, I must say that education here has prepared you not only to tackle technical problems but also to lead with integrity and vision. The principles of honor, courage, and commitment that have been instilled in you are just as important as the engineering principles you have mastered. These values will guide you as you apply your knowledge to real-world situations, ensuring that your contributions are not only innovative but also ethical and impactful.

INA has also established bridges of friendship across the oceans by training personnel from friendly foreign countries. By providing training to foreign cadets as they study in the academy, we convey the message of India being a Vishwaguru and promote our ideology of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam. Dear Midshipmen, you are now starting, or making a significant step ahead in your career, you have enriched your set of skills at INA, and soon time will come to implement those skill sets in practice in daily life. Soon, you will assume the leadership role in the Navy. I am telling you with my experience that being a leader implies a huge responsibility towards the people you will meet in your career. I want to delve on this issue a bit deeper. A leader is the one who cares about the people, who works to let them grow as individuals, as managers, as leaders. The path to excellence is endless, that's why it is So exciting: you will keep learning every day, and please protect this attitude all across your career, especially when you become senior officers in Navy, when your wide experience will be giving you all the answers: that is the moment when you will absolutely need to challenge yourself and look for new answers to old questions.

You are entering a profession that plays a crucial role in maintaining the security and technological superiority of our Navy. Whether you are designing advanced systems, maintaining critical infrastructure, or developing innovative solutions to complex problems, your work will directly contribute to the strength and readiness of our naval forces.

The world today is rapidly changing, with new challenges emerging on the horizon. As future leaders of the Indian Navy, you will be at the forefront of addressing these challenges. Whether it is safeguarding our maritime borders, conducting humanitarian missions, or participating in international peacekeeping efforts, you will be the torchbearers of our nation’s resolve and resilience. The Indian Navy is known to play a crucial role in ensuring India's security and asserting its strategic influence in the Indian Ocean region and beyond.

Feel proud to be an integral part of the Indian Navy and serve your nation with utmost intelligence, confidence and dedication. Remember, leadership is not just about commanding others but also about inspiring and empowering them. It is about setting an example through your actions, maintaining a relentless pursuit of excellence, and demonstrating unwavering integrity. Your leadership will be the cornerstone of your team’s success and the foundation of your legacy in the Indian Navy.

As you don your uniforms and take up your posts, never forget the oath you have taken and the responsibilities that come with it. Serve with honor and pride, and always keep the welfare of your sailors and your nation at the forefront of your actions. The seas will test you, the winds will challenge you, but with your training, your values, and your unwavering spirit, you will navigate through every storm.

To the families and friends of our graduates, your unwavering support and sacrifices have been the backbone of these young officers' success. Your encouragement and belief in their potential have played a crucial role in their journey. Today, we share this proud moment with you, acknowledging that their achievements are also a testament to your love and dedication.

I want to congratulate the Indian Naval Academy for its outstanding work in training and shaping future naval leaders. I wish the Midshipmen all the success in their future endeavors and encourage them to continue striving for excellence in everything they do. To all the graduating class of the 106th INAC Spring Term 2024, I extend my heartfelt congratulations. You have earned your place in the proud tradition of the Indian Navy. As you set sail on this new chapter, may you always find fair winds and following seas. My wish for you is to become great leaders, remaining good persons, humble, passionate and empathetic. Serve with courage, lead with integrity, and make your nation proud.
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